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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrush maybe revving for take off

After spending a good percentage of its life here (4 months), I heard the Varied Thrush make a series of short buzzy trills early this morning. Maybe his programming is getting ready for his trip north. We're forecast for south winds to arrive I think. Would be good timing. If you go to this site and listen to the song, what I heard was the next to the last call on the track.

Since I'm older and less strong every year I thought I should get an early start on tank cleaning, so have started that. I had ordered an expensive tank sealer trial kit for $100 plus shipping ($20) and used it (1 quart sealer + 1 quart patching stuff) on the tank to try it out. It worked great. I decided by ordering a gallon of the PermaFlex sealer only (for $100+ $25 shipping) without the patching stuff (blue on photo) it will be cheaper. Of course, I can't afford to do all of both tanks or even all of one tank, but am concentrating on doing the places that leak the worst, which I did with that quart. The patching I can do with concrete. Don't need that blue epoxy stuff.

The product is called SaniTred and is a permanent solution for pools, tanks, basements, etc. The expense is the kicker, of course. As far as I know the only major leaks have been in the area I just sealed. Need to expand on it some just to be on the safe side. Water isn't cheap either. I had hoped to use donation money on the road, but decided the tank took priority. I'll sure feel a lot better when it fills up if it has that stuff on it. It's kind of like an epoxy, Comes in two parts you mix together. Of course, they claim it should have two coats. I can see that for a basement or swimming pool, but I think one coat will work for this. I don't need a smooth finish. We'll see. And not to worry, the big tank is still nearly full of water.

I was awakened constantly in the night by a Western Screech Owl calling in the courtyard. I was hoping to find it roosting somewhere this morning, but didn't, so no photos of it.

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