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Saturday, February 16, 2013

See thrush.... run

A birder planned to arrive and see the thrush at around 4 PM, but got lost and didn't arrive until 5 PM. The thrush eventually made a brief appearance and then the birder had to leave fast so as not to get lost after dark. In the future I think it's best if people only come in the mornings. One other time someone arrived late afternoon and was so fearful of being in the area after dark, ended up leaving before seeing the thrush. And I finally tacked a sign to the dead cottonwood tree after another birding party failed to see the thrush because they monitored the wrong feeder.

The Red Yucca that had started putting out a lovely bloom froze back. It got down to 19° here last night and may have been colder the night before. But the dumb ash is in the courtyard, where it doesn't get as cold, and it's still leafing right along... so far. Isn't March yet though.

It's unusual for Anna's Hummingbirds to still be around (the Black-chinneds and Lucifers should arrive in a week or two), but I still have 2 females, and possibly a third. Here's a photo of one of them.


  1. Hi Caroline, Wow, I feel famous for getting a mention on your website! You are so caring about the birders who come visit, worrying about their safety! Hope everyone gets a chance to come see your fabulous place -- and hopefully stay longer than I was able to!! Thanks again for everything. -- Sandra

  2. Thank you for the nice words, Sandra. I too wish you had been able to stay longer, but fortunately you did at least get to see the thrush, albeit briefly.