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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hummers and such

Even the gorgeous Lucifer Hummingbirds get a bit ugly when they molt.

Today I have a Louisiana Waterthrush at the oasis. I had one on Aug 9th also. I think that's unusual to have one in August, let alone two.

There's also an unusual hummingbird here, probably a hybrid. The gorget is lavender/purple, unlike a Ruby-throated, and the whole gorget is colored, unlike a Black-chinned that shows only a band of purple at the base of the gorget. So it may be a hybrid of those two [archilochus] species. Hopefully, it'll still be here Tuesday when Kelly Bryan comes to band. I tried to get a photo showing the whole gorget when it's flashing purple, but didn't succeed. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better. (You've heard that many times from me before, I'm sure.)


  1. Always enjoy seeing what you find new out there.I don't see many comments posted to your blog, but I check it daily just to see your place and what you are seeing. Glad to see new birds and odes etc. Hope the festival went well for ya'll.
    Robert Mace

  2. Thanks, Robert. The festival went well for a first one. I think lots of people follow my blog but unless it grows a "like" button, probably won't get much feedback.I don't expect feedback. I just enjoy sharing my oasis with like-minded people.