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Monday, August 12, 2013

High of 85° today

I vowed to focus on photography today and not get involved in any projects, but as usual, it didn't happen. While I was taking pictures from the viewing blind I had the overwhelming urge to improve it. So I'm exhausted. Will post photos of it when I get it painted. Before I got sidetracked working, I did get a better photo of one of the Crissal Thrashers. Still at a long distance. They just won't let me get close.

And, as I was sitting admiring the fruits of my labors, I spotted a selasphorus hummingbird at the Cape Honeysuckle. (Kelly says it's probably a Rufous. I had thought it to be an Allen's) My camera, or me, doesn't take very good motion shots but here's one anyway....

Visitors ask me what kind of turtles these are, and I don't know. Anyone out there know?


  1. The head of the turtle looks kind of like a Dimaondback Terrapin, but the shell not so much. Hmmm..

    It was a pleasure getting to see your property on Tuesday. Thank you for hosting us! It's so beautiful and truly an oasis.

  2. Yellow mud turtle, Kinosternon flavescens -- via John Karges

  3. Thanks, Heidi. I can always depend on you.