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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another rainy day

This morning I was real eager to get to CMO, but once I got here it misted, sprinkled, or rained most of the day. That's good,of course, but disappointing when you're wanting to go look for flowers and butterflies and such. There was about an hour break where the sun almost came out. I hurried outdoors into the well-washed air.

W Corazone Peak

Found a few interesting flowers and one Mexican Metalmark before I had to give it up and come indoors.

The above photo was taken with my little Lumix camera because it's hard to climb around on the wet rocky terrain with my big canon. I went and got the canon after taking this photo, but never could find the butterfly again. My goal was to find Rigida Paintbrush. Didn't find any, but found some awesome flowers, including this gorgeous Lyre-leaf Twist Flower. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back with my big camera and try for better shots. It's supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow. I'm ready.

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