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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The winds of March

Even windier today but I persevered and got my priority tasks done. Like it took me two hours to prop up a yucca, that was falling across a path, with no one here to hold the yucca up while I positioned the prop.

Then I had to do some work where javelina are determined to get into the big seed feeder. I don't want to pour concrete if I don't have to, so I drove nine rebar stakes around the edges where they dig under. First I had to level it. They had dug under the front side causing the feeder to tip precariously. Instead of raising it back out of the pit they dug, I dug down the back side to level it. Then I had to haul more dirt in. Now the feeding port is sitting on the ground, but that's fine. I don't have to lift the seed quite as high to fill it, and the base is down into the ground farther than originally. I don't think they can undermine it now. We shall see.

I was determined to see the other Golf Ball Cactus (mammillaria lasiacantha) bloom today so walked over to where it was. It was finally blooming. I had wanted to photograph it by a penny so you could see how tiny it is, but I forgot the penny. So I tried to hold my hand beside it but the result looked like I had my hand on the camera lens (I've done that too, especially with my iphone) even though it was actually lying on the ground beside the cactus.

So, not to be thwarted, I went back and got a penny. And you guessed it, while I was gone the darn skies clouded up and the cactus stopped blooming.

If the trees are slow to green up this year, it's not by much. The apricot is just starting.

For a short time this afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up to 70°. Butterflies were surprisingly active. Got a few pics, but they're just of the common ones. I was desperate though, so took what I could get.

At least they have fresh plumage. Top is Vesta Crescent; below it is Texan Crescent. Saw many others too, but these two were the prettiest of those I got photos of.

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