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Saturday, March 28, 2015

First spring banding day

We headed south to band hummingbirds without really knowing what to expect. It turned out good. At CMO, since the ocotillo weren't blooming there yet, the hummers seemed to be dependent on the feeders. By shortly after daylight we had captured 14 hummers. All but three were recaptures (previously banded) and one banded Lucifer female was gravid (with egg). I expect a great crop of "hummerlets" this year.

In the above photos Kelly is taking advantage of natural light to take measurements on one impatient subject. A very delicate operation, for sure. Note blue covers over all feeders except those inside the two traps. That greenery is mallow that I'm allowing to remain for the butterflies. At some point it might become a snake hazard that I'll have to mow or pull out. Always a work in progress. The acanthus bushes haven't greened up yet, nor have the mallows bloomed.

We stopped by Far Flung Outdoor Center to check there for hummers but didn't see any. The flowers there were impressive though. The owners have created a beautiful place there. Flowering vines were everywhere....

I don't know what the vines are. Below are some succulents covering large areas of the ground. I don't know what they are either. (Pictures today via my iphone.)

Far Flung is at a lower elevation and things bloom there before CMO. Also they have lots of employees working on the grounds all the time and plenty of water. I love to see what beauty man can create. Like Gage Gardens in Marathon, or the resort at Lajitas. Or, in its small way, CMO.

UPDATE: Marlin Andrus ID'd the flowers. The top one is Lady Banks Rose and the bottom one is Ice Plant. Thanks Marlin. Hope you come back for a visit soon.


  1. Nice photo's and I am glad you had a good Hummingbird count. Sounds like babies on the way.
    The first plant is a Lady Banks Rose(Rosa Banksiae) and the second one is an Ice Plant(Aizoaceae). Both very good plants.

    It's great migration has started.

  2. Thanks. So glad to know what those flowers are. Yup, going to be exciting soon. Will keep everyone updated on it.