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Friday, February 17, 2017

A few puny days

I had to cancel my climb up the mountain yesterday morning due to what I believed was an MSG headache. It's been a couple years since I had one, as I'm very careful what I eat. However, my husband buys Accent spice (MSG), as well as various processed foods containing MSG (which I easily avoid eating). Last year he made some homemade hot sauce which is usually too spicy for me, so I don't eat it. A couple of days ago I ran out of my hot sauce and he assured me his wasn't hot, so I tried it. After years of no headaches it's easy to let down my guard. The sauce wasn't too hot, so I ate it, totally without thinking that he may have put Accent in it. I probably observed him doing that at the time but forgot after a year, and he didn't think to mention it. So, I got a headache night before last. Since I didn't eat a lot of the sauce it wasn't a killer headache, but definitely not up to hiking yesterday. Then last night I got feverish and achy, so not sure if an MSG headache ran down my resistance, making me susceptible to a virus, or if there was no MSG in the sauce, and I just got a virus. Hubby's on a fishing trip so I can't ask him. Either way, I took it easy today. Since it was cool and windy I didn't mind too much. Probably won't go up the mountain this trip. For sure will when the weather gets warmer. I puttered around doing some overdue jobs. Here's a female Black Swallowtail.

The Mexican Redbud buds are coming along at the same time they do every year.

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