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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A nice little rain at CMO

Just one-third inch but enough to make glorious wildflowers and lots of butterflies.

Got to town today and did a little research. I just couldn't believe I would get the flu. I never get it. I've been taking such good care of myself.

My husband's hot sauce recipe calls for 12 tablespoons of Accent (MSG). Then when I googled online to see if MSG could weaken the immune system, bingo!

This popular additive can be found in…well, pretty much everything. It “enhances flavor” to make the cheapest ingredients seem delicious.  MSG can increase the production of histamines (an allergic/immune response) and also increases inflammation. Not everyone is allergic to MSG, but on varying levels, most people are sensitive to it. There’s a direct link between histamine production, inflammation, and a weakened immune system.

Gotta stay vigilant. The day before I ate that hot sauce I was feeling super wonderful. Couldn't wait to climb the mountain. And I'll never know for sure that the hot sauce was the culprit, but I know for sure it was loaded with MSG. And MSG weakens the immune system.

Just hoping now that I'll be better in a day or so. With no pneumonia. Spring is calling to me!


My husband returned from his fishing jaunt and said he didn't put Accent in his last batch of salsa. So I'll just assume I came down with the flu for no reason.

Today I felt  almost normal after taking some aspirin for a headache, but by 6 PM all symptoms had returned. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be good all the way through. Today is day 5 and flu is supposed to last 5-7 days. Probably won't climb the mountain this week though. Bummer.


  1. Thanks, I felt much better today but by tonight I was back sick again. Hopefully, tomorrow will stay good all the way through.