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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Search for Zuzu is over

Yesterday Zuzu Verck's remains were found near Alpine. Not in a location where my daughter-in-law and I had yet searched. (For more on that see post of Jan.1) Just relieved she's found and the boyfriend was arrested this morning. I attended a candlelight vigil this evening.

Zuzu's parents at the vigil

Here's the "shallow grave" location during processing. Notice yellow crime scene tape.

Gonna go to CMO in a day or two and recharge my batteries.

FEB 5 update

Just had to go to the site of the burial. Glad I did. It was very remote. I doubt we would have ever found it. It irked me that they chopped off all the junipers in the vicinity and made lots of huge brush piles. I could maybe see pruning the trees up to make scouring the area easier, but there was no reason to destroy them. Must have been to make it impossible for anyone to search the area again and maybe find a bone or something (animals had dug up and scattered them), but seems rather counter-productive to me to totally demolish the area in one day. There were at least three huge brush piles. Oh well, it's over and there can be closure.

I would have taken better photos but there was a news photographer there and I didn't want to interfere with his shots or be on any of them.

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