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Monday, March 6, 2017

Interesting day at CMO

Coming to CMO from Alpine early this morning I was treated to a lovely panoramic sea of fog.

My butterfly guru, Brian, is here visiting today. We went up the mountain. I did it in spite of myself because I knew I wasn't up to keeping pace with Brian, so even if he saw lifers, by the time I arrived on scene they would be long gone. (And I'm still not totally recovered from that flu I came down with three weeks ago.) He did find one new species for my property, which had I seen it, would have been a lifer for me. It was a Sleepy Duskywing, flying above the highest ridge. A ridge I never made it to. I took lots of flower photos, but pretty sure they were of just the same old stuff. Here's a nice dalea, probably Dalea Jamesii, not sure.

And the lovely Lyre-leaf Twistflower

I haven't spent much time trying to identify cacti. For now, I'll just document them. However, I'm pretty sure this is a Hedgehog Cactus.

It's been a long day and I'm exhausted.


  1. See if Echinocereus russanthus fits as the scientific name for your "hedgehog cactus".

    1. Yup, looks good for that to me. So it's a Rusty Hedgehog Cactus. I didn't even know there were more than one species of hedgehog. Thanks for the helpful input.