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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring now

Finally, after 5 weeks of a sinus infection I started taking antibiotics. The doctor said it wouldn't go away on its own. Feeling real puny. Watered everything at CMO as it had been a while since I had watered. The verbena are still looking great.

Sure doesn't seem as if we're going to get another freeze this spring. Fingers crossed. Found this cool moth. A master of camouflage. Only saw it because my water hose flushed it.

A photographer friend from Houston (Mac Womack) is staying in the guesthouse for a week. He's determined to get a good photo of a displaying male Lucifer Hummingbird so he carved (and painted)
 a very convincing looking female Lucifer. He hopes to get a male to display to the decoy while he's all set and ready for it. It might work. I'll post photos of the whole process later this week.

Right now, I'm wiped out.

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