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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Worse today

This is the third day of taking antibiotics for my sinus infection and now it's worse. Hadn't had a sinus headache for two weeks and now it's back. Dragging around here. If I'm not well by Monday I'm going back to the doctor. Bummer.

Considering it's still March, the oasis looks good. Hoping it doesn't get zapped by a late freeze. A little coolness would be welcome. Got up to 96° today. Mac and I were really hot working on the new feeder stands. Plan to finish tomorrow.

Yes, I helped. I dug one hole (two more to go) and painted the stands and attached the numbers and such stuff as to keep me busy most of the day. (I work very slowly these days.)

Mac hasn't had time to try his Lucifer decoy, but I took a photo of it anyway. 

I noticed today that one male Lucifer was displaying to a female hidden in the brush. He'd get tired out, rest, and then do it again. She never let him mate. Either the females are on nests or not ready to start nesting yet.

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