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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Alpine update

Nothing going on here in town but my body probably needs the rest. Tomorrow I'm excited to head back south and rescue more verbena along the highway since the four that I dug up seem to be doing fine. (I'll try to post pics of the process.)

Time to start watching for Lucifers to return. Very excited about that.

Yesterday my daughter had her store's grand opening in Dripping Springs.

My Austin son, Leonardo, made his obligatory appearance. Also my niece, Tanya, and grandson, John, Jr. My dedication to the oasis causes me to miss a lot, but it's worth it to me. Still hard, though.

L-R: Tanya, John, Jr., Leonardo, Isabel, unknown employee
I notice my grandson is standing so he won't look so tall. Not working! (Leonardo is over 6' for comparison.)

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