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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Oasis visit cut short

Both of the above photos were taken at sunrise this morning. The reflection of it in the tank (looking west) was just about as awesome as the sunrise itself.

After a good night's sleep in my own quiet bed, I was renewed enough today to tackle the cone again. Finally ended up just grinding the excess off with a Saws-all. It was already ugly anyway. Now it functions normally at least.

I was so determined to get the feeder hung out of bear's reach, but totally couldn't. Got more rope burns than I already was sporting, so I put on heavy leather gloves.  By wrapping the rope around my hands as I hoisted, I got it 8 feet up. YAY! After all, the bucket weighs the same in the first few feet of lift as it does in the last few, so it had to be a matter of technique, not weight.

I had also determined to stay at the oasis until I saw a Lucifer Hummingbird, but not to be. My husband called and insisted he needed me in town. He's still trying to get a handle on his rash and went to another Dr. (actually this time it was a Nurse Practitioner) today who thinks it's scabies. So he needs me to smear some medication on his back where he can't reach. 

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