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Friday, July 20, 2012

More rain and more

Hummers aren't very plentiful anywhere in the Big Bend area these days. Migration should be in full swing by now. It may be there are fewer hummers because of last year's drought, or perhaps they're coming through later than usual. Luckily, at the Bird and Butterfly Festival being held in Marathon this weekend we were able to capture 2 for Kelly's banding demonstration. I think a festival in our area is a splendid event to have and I hope it becomes an annual event. This area has such a wonderfully unique diversity. It would be awesome if Matt and Heidi could manage the event every year, too. The participants that attend in the first few years won't have crowded field trips and will get to enjoy a much more personal rapport with the guides and speakers, etc. than might be the case further down the road.

Back at CMO we got a nice rain last night and a small shower this afternoon again. If it wasn't for the dead cottonwood looming over the oasis, there would be little here to remind one of  last year's drought.

I posted a photo of an Eastern Amberwing dragonfly a month ago (see post of June 23), and now I think either it's still here, or this is a different one. Or maybe this one is a Mexican Amberwing.


  1. Me thinks you have a place in heaven.

  2. I think so too. I don't see how anyone that appreciates the wonders of nature can think that my oasis shouldn't be here. When you see it, you'll fall in love with it.