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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Set 'em up, my friend

I've had a few photographers do elaborate setups to get that perfect photo, but none brought in as many flowers as this photographer did. Potted flowers everywhere! Hope it worked and he got his perfect Lucifer Hummingbird shot.

The most over-the-top thing I ever did to attact a species was to dig up a whole hill and install an elaborate system of tunnels and 12 nest boxes in what turned out to be a futile attempt to attract Burrowing Owls.

I noticed that as soon as the burn ban was lifted in south Brewster County the O2 Ranch burned those brush piles along the highway.

I estimate there were only about 50 piles, each with an average of a mere two songbird nests inside, so only about 100 nests were destroyed. Good job!

UPDATE: I was curious about the photographer (who's been here all day), so I googled his name and discovered he's an award-winning professional photographer whose photos I've enjoyed on covers for many years... Rolf Nussbaumer. He's very modest and I had no idea.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds are early migrants and I've had a few visiting recently.


  1. He is a SPECIAL friend of Wings Over The Hills Nature/Birding Festival as he has been our presenter for a Photography workshop.
    Last Weekend in April...Fredericksburg,Tx.

  2. He's my kind of person, for sure. I'm excited to see how his Lucifer photos turned out.