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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My trip up the mountain

Partly to escape the mosquitoes, but mostly to look for Lucifer Hummingbird nests, I braved the mountain. I didn't see or hear a hummer. No nests, either. But the relict Mexican Blue Oaks are alive and well. Two-thirds of the way up I rested and took a photo of my pickup back down on the road (far back, center). You may have to enlarge this to find it.

For the first time in my life I needed, and relied heavily on, a walking stick. The next photo was taken from the same spot only looking up toward the oaks, my destination. Don't look for the trail. There are none.

Lucifers favorite nesting plant is cholla, which sadly, were all dead. I only saw 3 that had any life left in them. Here is the healthiest one I saw.

I made the hard decision to not lug my big heavy camera up with me. The only time that presented a problem was when I tried to photograph a butterfly and lizard. Here's a good overview of the oak motte.

Have to check with someone on the lizard ID. UPDATE: Confirmed to be an Ornate Tree Lizard.

And finally, a self-portrait with my little Kodak's time-lapse feature. The rock I set the camera on wasn't level so Nine Point Mesa looks askew in the background. I'm sure there's a way to make it look level, but I don't have that expertise.


  1. In my admittedly limited experience hiking in Europe, EVERYONE carried hiking sticks. We Americans think it's a sign of weakness but it's not. What a wonderful hike, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish you would not go alone!

  3. Thanks for the concern, Jane, but I actually feel really safe alone. I'm not distracted by other people (or trying to keep up with them), so I focus on safety, plus I had my satellite phone with me. My sister was "standing by" at her house down by the arroyo.