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Sunday, July 22, 2012

New oasis species

Some sharp birders (Cameron Carver and Steve Gross) at the oasis today recognized a bird they found here as being a Louisiana Waterthrush and not a Northern, like I would have mistakenly called it had they not been here.

It has the buffy sides...

 ...and plain white throat. (Compare to Northern posted May 5, 2010)

Besides being a new species at the oasis, it's a lifer for me. Thanks, guys!

Cameron's mother was delighted to see this millipede in a tree.


  1. I am so glad we were able to help you get a new property bird AND a lifer! Thank you for your hospitality and everything you do for birding. I can't wait to return to the oasis.

  2. It's obvious I need your help IDing birds. I look forward to your next visit.

  3. millipede, too. Ours' are usually black, sometimes 10"+ long, but I think there's the occasional one with the same golden - red brown color as your photo.

    1. This kind is the only kind that I remember ever seeing.