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Friday, June 14, 2013

Bona fida rain

It started to rain hard around 2:00 PM. Before it even stopped I rushed out to see if my tanks were filling up. The upper dirt tank filled up and I'm now pumping the water to the lower dirt tank. Tomorrow I'll pump it to the stucco tank, which should end up about half full. This photo was taken at the dirt tank as it was filling and is about half full here.

Next I rushed to the oasis to see if the concrete tank there was filling up, but no water was coming down the arroyo. I figured it would any minute (spillway on left behind yellow flower bush).

I turned to photograph a little stream of water running into the arroyo..

...and when I turned back to look up the arroyo the water was coming down.

Soon it was rushing. Ultimately, it filled the big concrete tank half full. I'm pumping out the "settling pond" now which will probably bring it up to 3/4 full.


  1. I forgot what water running down my arroyo looked like...your photos look refreshing.