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Thursday, June 20, 2013

No routine days at CMO

I found a pair of earrings I'd been searching for since late April. A visitor had lost them here, and was quite distraught to have lost them. Seems she thought she was tucking them into a little pocket in her cargo pants that was actually a tab of some sort, with no bottom. Anyway, they came back and searched the next day, and I've looked ever since. Today, while not looking, I was sitting on one of the benches, in the opposite side of the oasis than she thought she had lost them, and while looking at an insect on the ground that caught my attention, I saw part of one earring barely poking out of the ground. (They're silver and turquoise, and apparently had great sentimental value.) I spent quite a while looking in the same area for the second earring and finally gave up. Then I saw a little weed nearby and when I bent over to pluck it out, there was the other earring. I emailed the lady, asking for her address to send them to. She replied, almost immediately, FROM FRANCE. What a strange technological world. (I'll be sending them to her US address.)

So after not having posted photos for four days, I decided to take a few of whatever...

Here are anisacanthus blooming nicely. Other stuff must be blooming too because there are fewer hummers at the feeders.

I'm still delighted to have Western Kingbirds nesting here this year for the first time.

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