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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A worm's eye view

The birds love to perch high in the dead cottonwood tree. Here's one of the [two] Crissal Thrashers preening after what I assume was a bath.

And Ladder-backed Woodpeckers are always looking for a snack.

A bunch of warblers stopped here during their trip south. Most were Yellow Warblers, but a few other species too. Even though there were Yellow Warblers everywhere, I couldn't get them to come out of the vegetation and sit still for a photo.

While I was watering some trees this morning I discovered this flower. I don't recognize it but it's really pretty. So wish I had a lens that took better closeups.

Here is a photo showing what the leaves look like. They're quite big, pointy ovals, and serrated. (There are also sunflower-type leaves on the photo that belong to something else.)

I refound that butterfly that I thought I had originally thought was a Little Metalmark. (The experts said it's a Fatal Metalmark.) I guess my identification skills are flawed. Not fatally though. :) It's obviously worse for the wear.

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