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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching my breath

I'm always rushing around to keep up. This morning after banding hummingbirds at CMO I watered the trees generously, as if my tanks are going to get topped off in September like they did last year. Serviced my dozen or more hummingbird feeders. Filled the seed feeder. As I rushed around, I noticed how lovely things looked with the sun filtering through the trees. Too bad mosquitoes were eating me up. Kind of spoiled the ambiance.

Overlooking wildlife pond

And I really can't explain why there are mosquitoes, what with gambusias in everything. Somehow the mosquitoes got ahead of the gambusias after that last rain that filled the wildlife pond. I'm sure they'll be gone in a few days.

Now that I've caught up after taking off two days to go to my step-granddaughter's graduation, it feels good to be back to my normal pace. I'm going to start hauling buckets of dirt to build a slope on the side of one madrone tree. For some reason madrones do better on the north side of a slope. The area is too tight to use a wheelbarrow, so I'm just going to do it bit by bit. I'll post photos when I get going on it. Right now I'm in Alpine for my obligatory three days.

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