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Friday, August 22, 2014

My day today

Enjoyed the visit of the 18 festival participants today. Just so hard to show them everything and answer all their questions in the short amount of time they're here.

After they left I decided to get a quick odonate fix at Lajitas. Got as far as Study Butte and was sure I had left a faucet running back at CMO, so I turned around and went all the way back. No faucet was left on. I hope I learned a good lesson from all that, but I never seem to.

Not to cheat myself out of my fix, which need was getting more urgent after all that, I persevered and went back to Lajitas.

I did enjoy my hour of photographing dragonflies even though the temperature felt like at least 100°  by then. No real interesting species, but I'm trying to get more familiar with the common ones so that I can better recognize a new one. Here are a couple of common ones from today. I hope I have them identified correctly. It sure took all my willpower to get to Alpine from Lajitas without falling asleep at the wheel.

Blue-eyed Darner

Marl Pennant

The stucco tank lost one inch in 12 hours, so it's leaking 2" per day, as I expected,  but at least topping it off didn't cause it to spring a big leak. That's the amount it had been leaking. Could be worse.

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