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Monday, August 11, 2014

Lajitas Day

Hadn't been to Lajitas for a long time so really looked forward to going there and "golf-cart-dragonflying" with Kelly.

 The weather was lovely and it was fun. Just wish we had gotten an earlier start. The golf cart had to be returned by 4 PM, and we didn't have a chance to even set out until after lunch. Also wish I had gotten a photo of a Halloween Pennant I saw. (We saw one last August too, but couldn't get photos. It seems never to land.) I refuse to count it as a lifer until I photograph one. Here are a couple of my better photos of a species I did get shots at. It's Eastern Ringtail, not a lifer, but I think better photos than I got last August.

Male E Ringtail

Female E Ringtail
And I only shot this heron and turtle because they looked so posed (or should I say poised?). Posed or poised, that is the poser. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Earlier in the day, at one of our banding sites, I watched this spider snare and dispatch a grasshopper in short order.

And hours before that I watched this sunrise as I drove to meet Kelly for our Lajitas Day.


  1. great photos, all of them. Personally, I like the one with the 2 "posers" best.

    1. LOL Wish I would have thought of that. I would have called them two "too poised" posers.