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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mostly wasted day

Most of my lovely 80° day was spent trying to hook up my new scanner. Didn't succeed although I spent hours trying everything there was to try. Finally called my son and he couldn't walk me through it either. He thinks cord is bad. So once again I'll be hauling my computer to town for him to fix. I don't mind as long as he gets it fixed.

I managed to water some stuff at the oasis. That usually is very therapeutic for me but, for whatever reason, nothing cheered me up today. The best part was sticking some twigs in the mud at the wildlife pond in anticipation of dragonflies landing on them this summer. The closer to the pond's edge they can land, the better photos I can take. Here, the short stick was already there from last year. I added the taller one.

And on the south side where lighting is better I put this big branch that had been pruned from a cypress tree some months ago. By the time the tank fills with water the needles will have fallen off. Hopefully, it'll still be upright and sticking out of the water. Maybe one of these days I'll rig up some kind of floating perch.

The Mexican Elder trees like the mild wet winter. This one is the smaller (younger) of the two at the oasis, and is putting on berry buds. It won't actually have berries on it because stuff will gobble up the buds/flowers before it has a chance. 

Here's the one in the courtyard that I made a windscreen for last fall. It sure made a big difference.

I did have a rather insightful thought today. Our hummingbird banding project may actually help the hummers in an unexpected way. Banding them makes them more wary of humans. That doesn't have a significance here in our country where they're beloved and safe, but on their wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America it might make the difference between life and death.

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