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Friday, May 22, 2015

Eye doctor day

I got up obscenely early to make my 8:30 AM appointment in Odessa. I left at 6 AM as planned. But I failed to take into account the mist, drizzle, and fog during the whole trip. So I drove as if those obstacles didn't exist. It was scary. I gripped the wheel, stayed on high alert and sat tensed up the whole way. To make matters worse, my driver's side wiper didn't seem to be touching the window as it swiped across. I arrived at my appointment 15 minutes to spare, then had to sit there for 30 minutes. That's OK. Just glad I wasn't late and got there safely. Won't ever do that again.

The doctor said my cornea just needs to stabilize and all will be fine. He gave me some special drops that may help with that. He cut my steroid drops down to once a day. We'll see.

When I arrived back in Alpine a nap was in order. I was more exhausted than if I'd hiked all day. Then I went out back to see if I could find some butterflies to photograph. Nothing interesting, just the common ones. (Acmon Blue and Marine Blue on red mallow)

There's a neat bush at that historic house in Alpine. I don't know what it is. Normally I like leaves that are green. Do not like yellow, blue, or red leaves, but this is really an interesting bush.

Tomorrow early I'm going to CMO to water my trees. Then if I still have time and energy I'm going to Big Bend NP to look for butterflies. Otherwise, the park trip will have to wait a day. But I'm impatient to go find butterflies there. Can hardly wait. I was hoping it would rain tonight so I wouldn't have to water tomorrow, but the storm missed the oasis.


  1. I believe it is a Cotinus, one of the smoke trees/bushes. I really like them, also. Very unusual. That is a lovely specimen.

  2. Thanks, Carla. I didn't have a clue where to look for ID

  3. The drive didn't sound like any fun but the eye checkup sounded promising. Do you get many fog days yearly?
    Don't know why I can't use my Google account for comments....

  4. Vern, I don't know why either. I'll check my blog settings and see if it's something I can fix. We get patches of fog up around the higher elevations when there's enough moisture present.

    1. I checked my blog settings. The problem isn't there.