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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moving right along

Well, I notice the transmisison on my new pickup whines in low gear. I might be overly sensitive. Gonna have the mechanic check it when I get to town. Not going to tell hubby. (He told me that was the pickup I was getting and he didn't want to hear a word of complaint.)

Lucifer Hummingbirds surprised me by showing up at the feeders this morning and evening. None too soon either because Kelly's coming to band tomorrow. Good timing. They did some courtship displaying so I'm wondering if this is a different bunch arriving or nesting round two. We should be closer to the answer to that after banding tomorrow.

The javelina are getting on my last nerve. And by the looks of this one, there'll be lots more of them soon.

I'm having to get serious about cleaning out the stucco tank and patching a few spots. However much I get done before a huge rain, the better. It doesn't need much patching but I want to do it as I go along just in case the tank fills up. If I get it all done, then I'm going to pump the water from the other tank into it and clean "at" the other one until it fills up. That's the plan anyway.

I'd like to coat everything above the high water line gray, but that's way too much work just for it to look prettier.

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