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Sunday, May 24, 2015

No trip to park today either

It took a little longer to pump the water than anticipated and water has to take priority. I wasted time trying to set the pipes up so I wouldn't have to double pump it, but didn't have the fittings to make it happen without spending the entire day cobbling something together. So even though I was packed and ready to go to the park, at 3 PM when the water was finally all pumped, I decided to cancel. The weather was perfect for butterflying too, no clouds or wind. Tomorrow for sure.

It is nice to have the security of an extra foot or more of water in the stucco tank just in case the rains miss me for the next couple of months. Still have a lot of work that needs doing. Lots of mallow to pull yet, even though I pulled and dug a bunch while the water pumped. Also had to redo the seed feeder. Score one for the javelina. When I got to the oasis this morning they had managed to tip the feeder over. Maybe the stakes didn't hold good in the wet ground.

But have no fear. I'm winning. I wired the feeder to a post that's embedded into a long concrete footing. It will not tip over again. Once again, I buried that huge rock on one side and drove deep re-bar stakes on 3 sides, so it should be good to go. I'm going to stop feeding the birds during the summer anyway. Nothing is coming to the feeder right now except cowbirds. That's great that the birds that belong here have plenty of natural forage.

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