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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Update, but no pictures

A party of visitors scheduled for Monday morning didn't show up. Now I know why. I've repeatedly told people that GPS and google maps won't get you here. But apparently, I forgot to send this poor guy directions. Here's the email I got from him today:

Hi Carolyn - 
Wow, we did try to make it out to your place on Monday morning on our way from the Park north to the Davis Mtns.  I had used eBird information to locate your lat/long coordinates and went on to Google Maps to get the route.  The map that I had access to noted that Snake Rd. did not go through to your place (from Terlingua) and so it routed us from Hwy 118 onto Comanche Prairie, through a great number of turns and then on to your house from the south side.  To make a long story short, we followed the directions that Google Maps gave us and we could not find the correct roads.  We ended up back on Terlingua Rd. after an hour or more and by then we didn't have the time to start over again from the highway.  I now have gone back to Google Earth (rather than Google Maps) again and see that indeed it looks like Snake Road does go through straight to your place from Terlingua and would have been much easier if we had used the Google Earth map rather than the printed directions that Google Maps provided.  I am disappointed and somewhat shame-faced that we didn't make it, and apologize sincerely if you were planning on us coming and then not showing up.  I really want to see your wonderful place at some point in the future, and now that I know how to get there it should not be a problem.  Again, I am sorry if this was an inconvenience for you.

I did send him directions and map today. And the inconvenience wasn't for me, but for him. I feel bad when someone gets lost out on these roads. I hate to give directions by phone because that usually fails too. Never have had a problem with anyone getting lost, not once, with the directions I email.

My granddaughter went to her son's school play one week post-tonsillectomy and ended up in the ER this morning. Part of the problem was that when pain gets out of control it's harder to control and she had been cutting down on the Percocet when they wouldn't give her a refill. Her Dr went on vacation right after the surgery and there are some new laws to keep people from abusing pain-killers that prevented anyone except him from prescribing more. The Drs hate it but nothing they can do about it.  I'm just glad she hasn't gotten an infection.....yet.  The ER sent her home with some Lidocaine to swish in her mouth. That helps some. 

We got a nice shower at the oasis last night. I suppose I should have watered today before coming to town but I figured I'd squeak by for a few days on that quarter-inch. I've cleaned enough out of the stucco tank to convince myself it's not leaking, so when I get back down there after my stint in town I'll set up a pump and start adding water from the big tank. If I get the big one cleaned out before rains fill everything up, fine. If not, fine. Can't ever complain if the tanks are full. 

OK, one photo. This was taken last Sunday morning early with my new pickup making it's first trip to the oasis.

If I were to anthropomorphize (who, me?), I would say this poor innocent hadn't a clue what a hard life it was in for. I will try my best to keep it in good shape in every way. I will love, honor, and cherish.......

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