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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Up and at it

Got up at 5 AM when I heard what I believe was a Flammulated Owl. Since I had a lot to get done before meeting my husband in Alpine for lunch I stayed up.

See, I told you I was winning. This javelina didn't root around, it just politely scarfed up some of the corn remaining on the ground after the big feeder tip-over.

I have most of the mallow pulled up. Some remains here and there throughout the oasis, but it's out of the hummingbird garden anyway.

Next is a before photo I posted the other day of the mallow-ridden water feature.

And here it is now. In the above photo all you can see is the tip of the dead snag.

I was really surprised while pulling out mallow to discover some hidden plants that I had planted last fall and forgotten. I almost pulled up the Bubba Desert Willow before I realized what it was. Now I put rocks around the area so I won't lose it again. You can't really see the spindly Bubba in this photo. It's really small, not having been watered except for rain, but it's alive.

Behind the Bubba I discovered branches of the apricot tree, so laden with fruit that it's laying on the ground. When I get back down there I'll make some props to prop them up.

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