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Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to my stomping grounds

Came down to CMO this morning. All the stomping around I did produced no interesting species. First is a Gray Vireo that I spotted and ID'd by his insistent song. I'm sure he was migrating through, but sometimes they sing along their way. Some overwinter along the Rio Grande, so I guess they don't migrate far.

Still a couple of Elf Owls hanging around.

Lots of great blooms. My sister and I looked hard several times for the Havard Plum bushes. Finally found a few small ones today. They were smaller than we were looking for, with no blooms or fruit on them.

Well-known bird photographers, Brian Small and Alan Murphy, hung out all day trying to attract a male Lucifer Hummingbird to their setup, with very little success. Maybe tomorrow.

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