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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cibolo Creek therapy

After spending the last two nights on a hospital cot, keeping vigil over a friend dying of cancer, I needed to get my batteries charged. So I decided to take the hour drive to Shafter where I planned to wade up and down Cibolo Creek. As I did that, it seemed that my batteries just would not charge, and the gloom wouldn't lift. An hour passed before I even shot one photo. Nevertheless, I sloshed on for another hour or so before I opted to head back to town.

When I arrived at the house, my husband asked if I had found the dragonfly I was looking for. I told him, "no, I should have just stayed home." Actually, I wasn't really looking for anything specific, just interesting species. A lifer would have been great. Anything uncommon would have been good. Downloading my pictures, I was amazed that I had photographed a Serpent Ringtail. It was the only ringtail I had managed to get a photo of, and I just assumed it would turn out to be an Eastern.

And it was pleasant to see an abundance of Filigree Skimmers, Giant Darners, and Viceroy Butterflies.

Male Viceroy

Additionally, this is the best photo I've taken of mating Lavender Dancers.

So, I'm glad I went, just wish I hadn't been too exhausted to enjoy it more. Now for a long nap.

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