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Monday, September 26, 2016

Making plans

The last few days have been cold and rainy. The oasis probably got about an inch, but long and slow, with no runoff. Still good though. It keeps me from having to water for at least a week.

I ordered a new Lumix that has a sensor four times larger than my old one. It's a camera like Desha's, a FZ1000, versus my old FZ70. Desha takes great photos with that model, so I'm determined to learn how, too. I refuse to accept failure. And it's time for me get a lighter camera. My big Canon is a killer for me to haul around. And it isn't going to get easier, unfortunately. The new camera will arrive Friday. It's going to be a huge challenge for me since I'm still not taking good photos with my old Lumix. But "can't" isn't a word I use very often. I usually say "the difficult I do right away and the impossible takes a little longer."

Then Saturday I plan to go oding with both my Canon (sort of my security blanket) and my new Lumix. The plan is to go to an area between Rocksprings and Uvalde (along the Nueces River) for some highly desired lifers. Likely, I'll spend the night with good friends. Ode season is almost over and it'll be my last decent chance for the year. One of my New Year's resolutions was to do an oding trip this year. I had the Lower Rio Grande Valley in mind, but feel that's a little too ambitious for me to deal with at this time. I've been sickly with allergies, or something, for a couple of weeks now. Without my inhaler I'd be in the ER as I write this. So I've toned down my current ambitions.

When Brian was here he found lots of Tawny Emperor eggs and caterpillars. Because normally most would be parasitized by wasps, he put a net around an egg cluster. At some point, I'll have to remove the bag, but for now they're safe.

So hopefully I'll get some good Tawny Emperor photos in the spring, or whenever, if some survive. The first Tawny I photographed was old and worn, and the others were inside a net feeding station. I want the Tawnys to be fresh, and hopefully, in sunshine when I photograph them.

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