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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Back home with lots of lifers

I still don't have all my photos ID'd so not sure how many lifers I got this weekend, but I'm a happy camper. Especially fun was finding my lifer Blue-faced Ringtail by myself.

Although without a team effort I would never have found it. I wouldn't even have any clue where and how to look for one. We all started searching the likely areas for it and after a couple of hours Desha thought she saw a threadtail I needed. She called me over and while looking for the potential threadtail (never was relocated) I saw the above ringtail and said, "What's that?" Another oder was nearby. He was already familiar with the species. It was only a lifer for me. Immediately after saying that, I added, "Oh, I think it's just a Western Pondhawk." It hadn't yet landed, and female W Pondhawks have green thoraxes and black and white striped abdomens. About the time it landed, I got a better look and said, "No, it's different and smaller than a W Pondhawk." About then, Troy Zurovec spotted it and said, "It might be a female of the one we're looking for [Blue-faced Ringtail]." About a split second before he said that, the thought crossed my mind. Yup. I settled for a female and left for home shortly thereafter. I could joyously have stay all day, but didn't want to get home late at night.

I even found Desha and myself a lifer Slough Amberwings. Neither of us got good photos even though I waded into the water.

I'm really tired so will post more lifers tomorrow. Just want to thank everyone who tirelessly helped me search for lifers, especially Tripp Davenport. I had spent two days packing for the trip, determined I'd have everything along I could possibly want. It turned out that I didn't use a few things I had packed, but didn't forget anything either. If I had it to do over again I'd have packed another pair of jeans and socks. A lot of time was spent wading and I would have liked to drive home today in dry pants, but no biggee. I'm pretty sure there were no chiggers there. I was well-protected, but no one else was, and they didn't get any. 

Desha found me my lifer Long-tailed Skipper. Between butterflies and odonates, I know I got at least a dozen lifers.

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