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Monday, October 31, 2016

Limping on home

Left Mission at 5:30 AM and got to Alpine at 5:30 PM. Didn't make two of the stops I had planned because it was still dark when I went through. But I got to Laredo shortly after daylight, sure I'd get to see the Amazon Kingfisher. However, I got endlessly lost trying to get to the site. After nearly two hours of that, I called Robin and asked her to get someone on the phone that could help me get there. (Robin's was the only number I had on my phone that could possibly help me.) A minute later Mary Gustafson called me and stayed on the phone with me street after street until I got there. Big thanks to Robin and Mary!  If you ever want an authentic Mexico experience, just drive around downtown Laredo. Truly!

So I waited for an hour for the kingfisher. Saw 3 species of kingfishers (Ringed, Green, and Belted) while waiting, plus Colette Micallef's excellent video of the Amazon. And, I got to see the Amazon's haunts (on halloween) ...

I photographed a Ringed Kingfisher from quite a distance away.

I may have waited longer for the Amazon (it showed 1½ hours after I left) but my car's engine was missing and at some point the stress of delaying my trip longer canceled out my desire to see the bird.

Safely home after a wonderful trip. Hindsight is always better because the stress is gone. Car headed to the shop early AM.

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