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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Old age and treachery

I suppose I should give the credit to antibiotics, but I like old age and treachery better.

Came down to CMO and watered a little, but just couldn't hold myself back from Lajitas. It was a gorgeous day, too. I tried to pace myself, and did do better than I normally do. But I was determined to find amberwings and that meant getting wet. No pain, no gain. Here's the results of my quest. I think it's a Mexican Amberwing, but need experts to be sure. Will update when ID'd.

So tomorrow I'll finish watering. And find something awesome to photograph.

UPDATE: Experts not 100% positive on the ID. Seems where both Eastern and Mexican Amberwing ranges overlap there may be some hybridization occurring. More research needs to be done. 

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