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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ready to head toward home

Today was a slow day with lots of freeway driving. I got talked into following Tripp all the way to Resaca de la Palma by Brownsville. Of course, I'm easy to convince. A casual hint will do the trick. It was worth it, though, just to see and photograph the iridescently gorgeous Blue Metalmark.

Before that I had already located a lifer Red-bordered Pixie at the butterfly center.

And I got a lifer damselfly at the resaca, a Blue-striped Spreadwing.

This next critter, Tripp told me, is a Cane Toad. It's a giant neotropical toad, not a native species. It's also an ancient and poisonous species. They like to sit at the butterfly feeding stations and pick off butterflies at the butterfly center. 

I was planning to stop at two places, that were recommended to me, on my way home tomorrow, and then I hear about an Amazon Kingfisher at Laredo. So make that three stops. Gonna be a really long day tomorrow. I want to get an early start.

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