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Friday, November 11, 2016

A good day

I had a list of stuff I wanted to get done today and just before dark I had it done. My reward was making myself a yummy spaghetti supper, plus tomorrow I get to work on my trail. But I'm really dragging tonight. Not on my list was servicing the feeders, but we got nearly .4" rain early this AM and when I checked the oasis mid-afternoon the feeders without hoods were covered with bees. Changing out half of them is better than changing out all of them. You can bet I'll be figuring out a way to have them all hooded before long.

Finally got the house clean... as clean as it's going to get. I even gave the windows a lick and NO promise. Things look and feel clean but I know that if I snooped, I'd find lots of dirt and such. Like behind paintings on the walls, for example. I just can't be that obsessive about cleaning.

The indoor orange tree has five ripening oranges on it. And I didn't take pictures of much today. A couple of butterflies was about it. Here's a Question Mark enjoying a feeder.

And here are a couple of better shots of the same individual. It's in its winter form. I love the pale blue edging the wings.


  1. Beautiful butterfly!
    Is your indoor tree at your place in cmo?

  2. Yes, it is beautiful, as are most all butterflies, especially when they're in nice fresh plumage like this. The orange tree is at my house at CMO.

  3. I've always noticed and admired butterflies, but you have me running for the guides now!