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Sunday, November 13, 2016

November butterflies

I can't believe how many butterflies there are around today considering it got down to 44° last night. I hope I remember that next year so I won't dread November, thinking it's the onset of winter.

Here's a combination I bet you never saw before on the same photo.

Common Mestra (left) and American Snout

And more Mexican Yellows than I remember seeing before.

Lots of little Leopard Frogs around too. Tons of them.

Tons- minus one....

Sandhill Cranes are rushing south. Hope that doesn't bode for cold weather. Here are two flocks I saw in the short time I was outside this afternoon. I can barely make them out with the naked eye. If not for their constant calling I'd never know they were passing overhead. The second flock kept to a tighter formation than the first.

It's always thrilling when I see them fly over.

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