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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Robins galore at CMO

I never saw so many American Robins at CMO as there were today. Must have been well over a dozen.

Mockingbirds do not like thrushes. Several of them ran themselves ragged chasing robins.

Tonight there's supposed to be a hard freeze, so I felt compelled to document my last day of enjoying the lovely greenery and flowers.

The Cape Honeysuckle looks the best it's looked all year.

 A lone fox shared the cold, fading daylight with me as it perched atop the courtyard wall.


  1. I love the fox photo. Also, keep your eye out for Rufous-backed Robin. Enjoy the cool.

  2. Thanks. I searched through Robins as best I could looking for a Rufous-backed, but all I could ID were AMROs. Today I only saw one.