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Friday, December 2, 2016

About my CMO journals

As you probably know, blogging isn't the only record I keep. I also keep journals. This year I tried a different method of documenting my butterflies and dragonflies. Daily wasn't doable for me, so I tried monthly. That worked out well, although I think weekly would be better. But that would be more than I can handle. So next year I'm going to do the monthly thing again with a few minor tweaks. Here is this year's dragonfly page. They all fit on one page, but it was a bad ode year, and I'm hoping for better next year. So I made the grids closer in order to fit more on a page.

(Yup, forgot the J for January, but added it after this photo was taken)

The butterfly records filled two pages. Toward the middle of the year I realized that page 2 didn't need the first three month of the year because, by the time I get to that page it'll be later in the year. If I haven't seen a species, say until May, I won't need to record it in previous months. So I left those months off on page 2.

Butterflies, 2016, page 1

Butterflies, 2016, page 2

Butterflies 2017, page 1

Butterflies, 2017, page 2

The rest of the journal is full of birds, temperatures, rainfall, tank levels, 
the names of visitors, etc.

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