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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Could be worse

Didn't post last night but I didn't get the pipe fixed. Gonna have to have help. Meanwhile, can't use the well. So I went to water the courtyard from the rain barrel and the pump in it wouldn't go on. Had to take forever doing it with gravity. Time for my son to come down and help. It is frustrating that things constantly break down. But at least I have plenty of water at this time.

I got a better photo of that Anna's Hummingbird I posted in my previous post. One thing that made him look different is that he has a sore on his right shoulder. At first that made him look like a different species, but I finally got a handle on it. Poor thing!

Considering it's winter now, there were a fair number of bird species at CMO. I tallied over 30 and I'm sure I missed some since I didn't spend much time looking. Still an American Robin hanging around, and three species of towhees (Spotted, Green-tailed, and Canyon). I didn't see any other hummers other than 5 or 6 Anna's. Did see two Yellow-rumped Warblers. Warblers in winter are always a pleasure.

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