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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time to blog

Our Alpine ponds this morning

I spend most of my time in Alpine this time of year. Especially since CMO got over an inch of rain (no runoff) a few days ago and I don't need to water.

The doctor in El Paso had to cancel my appointment for yesterday so I went to CMO to check things. Good thing too because the feeders were covered with bees. I think I need to put larger covers on them for better protection from rain. The rain must have come in sideways because even the feeders under the roof had bees. However, I've noticed that when some feeders' internal baffles get overrun with rainwater, bees think all feeders are fair game and swarm them all. So I redid the feeders and came back to town.

My appointment in El Paso is rescheduled for next Tuesday.

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