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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Quick visit to CMO

I've been hanging around town doing what I need to do to arrange for a consultation with a back surgeon to see if my back can be fixed. So Monday I'll be getting an MRI and then Tuesday I'll be seeing the surgeon in El Paso. But today I ran down to CMO to water some things and service feeders. I was surprised at how many butterflies were there, but stuff is still blooming and, other than a few trees that have turned gold, everything is still green. Wish I could have stayed longer, but as it was I missed a call from the doctor. Got it straightened out though.

I've known for a long time I have severe degeneration in my back. I think that's pretty normal for my age. But I want to see if I have a herniated disc or pinched nerve that could be fixed. Like my sister did. It's getting so bad I can't put my socks on, or turn over in bed without excruciating pain, etc. I hate to live on pain meds. Ibuprophen helps, but I don't want to have to rely on that unless there's no other options.

The stucco tank was down 2" from when I measured it 6 days ago, so that means it's not leaking. That much is accounted for by evaporation. The previous time when it didn't go down at all for 3 days we probably had cooler, cloudy weather. Supposed to get cold and maybe rain this weekend.

Still quite a few Anna's Hummingbirds and the one Allen's. Soon I'll be getting the place ready for spring migration. Except not sure if I can do anything about the road.

On the way to CMO I listened to NPR (radio) and Michael Powell, the retired biology professor at Sul Ross said the native grasses are the best this year he's seen in the 50 years he's been here. He has a book out on the grasses, one on the cacti, one on the trees and shrubs, and soon his book on the flowers will be out. I can't wait! He also said that Love grass, Buffelgrass, and Bluestem grass are all invasive species here, brought in about a century ago when this land was overgrazed. It helped with erosion, as was the intention, but competes unfavorably with native grasses, which is not good.

I'll keep you updated on my back and all.

Cloudless Sulphur male

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