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Saturday, December 31, 2016

CMO on New Year's Eve

I think everyone is ready for 2016 to be over, but there are a few things I'm grateful for from the year, especially no leaking tanks and enough water. We're all alive and reasonably healthy, all things considered. I'm not getting too enthusiastic about New Year's resolutions, even though I always make some. This year I'm going to go half way. Five resolutions instead of ten, and nothing radical that I wouldn't keep anyway. I resolve to eat 50% more protein/fat and 50% less carbs. Work my body 50% less. Also resolve to make it to Rio Grande Valley in 2017. That was a resolution I had last year and kept.

Also resolve not to waste water by leaving a faucet on. I did that last summer to my dismay. The oasis is looking pretty good for the time of year it is. The Huisache and a few other deciduous things are still green.

There are at least five Anna's Hummingbirds still around. Can't ever be too bleak when hummers are frolicking around. And in less than 8 weeks Lucifers will start showing up. It wouldn't surprise me if they start in 7 weeks. The Peregrines seem to be getting an early start on their breeding season. They are definitely defending territory, a behavior I wouldn't normally expect for another month or more.

Every January 1st I take a photo of my big tank, as the stucco tank is usually dry or almost dry at that time. I took the photos today since I won't be there tomorrow. They're looking good.

Big tank with around 6-7 foot of water

Stucco tank with 5 foot far end; 8 foot close end
Still don't have the house well up and running but I can't complain what with that being my only problem. My niece and her husband helped me work on it. They fixed the coupling but now something else is wrong. We're trouble shooting it bit by bit. Either the pump is too weak (not likely) or there's another break between the coupling and the well. It pumped just fine out the separated coupling the other day, so I can't imagine why it's not working now. We're going to have to pull the pipe at some point, I think, but we quit today because the pump cycled off, so no more testing could be done until the well builds up more water. I greatly appreciate their help. They're a fun couple.

Yesterday they helped me put a couple of patches on the road where it was bothering me. This is below the big hill where water crosses the road. 

The highlight of the year for me wasn't even a close call. It was seeing the Amethyst-throated Hummingbird on October 14th.

I'll be so glad to be in 2017. It'll seem like spring is imminent then. So, without further ado, Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you. See you toward the end of January, if all goes according to plan. I contact you.

  2. That's great! Every little bit helps lessen the burden of winter. Maybe we can locate the Peregrine eyrie when you're here.