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Sunday, January 1, 2017

A macabre pasttime

I read Dear Abby every day and today she summed up my sentiments perfectly. I quote:

DEAR READERS: Finally, 2016 is over! 

I couldn't have said it better myself!

As many of you probably know, a college student named Zuzu Verck disappeared on October 11, likely murdered by her long time boyfriend, Robert Fabian. There is quite a bit of circumstantial evidence but no body. Well, my daughter-in-law is obsessed with finding the body. Not for the $200,000 reward (although I do tease her about us being bounty hunters), but over the outrage that it happened here in our safe little community, and he may get away with it. So, naturally, she isn't comfortable searching remote areas alone, therefore, I go with her. When we're not looking, we're brain-storming on where to look next. And, yes, I'm totally aware of the futility of looking, but she shouldn't go alone.

Robert and Zuzu in happier times
Well, today we went down the Mitre Peak Road all the way to a cemetery, and eventually ending at a dump. I didn't even know the road continued past Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp. There's a water pond there too. I plan to go back in the summer and look for dragonflies there. The cemetery was interesting. Words above the gate read: OUR LADY OF THE MOUNTAINS

I couldn't find any history on it but did find an obituary for Marilyn Ann Caldwell. She's buried in the middle of the cemetery. Not sure there are any other burials there or not, and not sure the fireplace is from the cabin she built there, but I presume it is. Her great-grandparents established Mitre Peak Ranch. (Five years ago Marilyn died of a massive stroke at the age of 43.) More info if you're interested at

We did see some Wild Turkeys and a Phainopepla, so it wasn't a day totally devoid of substance.


  1. There is no longer any such a thing as a safe community on Earth.

    1. There never WAS such a thing. The "good ole times/idyllic world" myth always was an illusion.