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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

CMO is Deadsville

Not a single hummingbird here. Weather is lovely, although still breezy. The oasis is about 70% deciduous. When I planted stuff I planted roughly half of it with evergreen trees. But the oasis does its own thing and lots of stuff grows by itself. That's wonderful, especially when it's evergreen stuff. And better yet when it plants itself in a good spot. Here's a future evergreen thicket that I don't know if I'll live long enough to enjoy, but it planted itself in a great spot near the feeder and water feature. It's composed of a native juniper, two persimmon trees, and an Agarita bush. In the background is a dormant Mexican Buckeye that I planted.

 I like Agarita if it isn't growing too close to a walkway. Here's one that I have to prune because visitors sitting on the bench get poked by it.

Evergreens grow slower, which is part of the reason I planted half of the oasis with deciduous. And also there needs to be variety, fruiting trees, etc.

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