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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The trouble with play

As I found nonstop projects to do today until I was exhausted, I realized the reason I don't play is because work is play. Being in town is work; being at CMO is play, regardless of how hard I work. So I'm playing. Put up the last satellite dish that I'm going to until Mac comes with more stands. I think he said in March.

The well really had me mystified but I think I have it figured out. When the coupling was broke the well seemed to shut off after a few minutes so I figured it wasn't making much water. Hardly worth the bother. Yesterday I fixed the coupling and it seemed the well didn't run very long before it automatically shut off (when it's out of water). So today I turned it on and it ran for at least 2 hours. I was stymied. I finally decided that when it pumps freely it removes the water from the well pipe fast and shuts off, but when it has to get the water all the way up to the house that slows the process down and water enters the pipe faster than it pumps out, which means water is accumulating on the outside of the well casing and coming through slower than the pump can pump it out without the added pressure of going up to the house. A well expert could probably tell me if that is what's happening. So yesterday it was probably just pumping the air out of the line to the house and I thought it was out of water, and turned it off. That's all I can figure out. Doesn't make much sense, but more than any other explanation I can come up with. I turned it off and gonna turn it back on in the morning and see how long it pumps. Then I should know how much water it makes per day.

The Wolf Moon was lovely tonight as usual. I feel like I need to photograph it to show my appreciation. Just wish my moon shots were better.

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