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Friday, January 6, 2017

Bitterly cold in Alpine

Vermilion Flycatcher
Too cold to go outdoors today.  Just snapped this photo out the kitchen window. Husband's been sick with a bad cold for the past week, so I've mostly just been his nursemaid. This too shall pass. Unless it's a sneak peak into what my life will be like a few years down the road. Not everyone leaves quietly in their sleep like my dear late husband did.

It seems getting old involves either being sick or caring for someone that is. At least it's winter and I'm not missing out on good butterflies etc. See there's a bright side. I think.

I just made a wonderful discovery. When I want to find a butterfly or dragonfly species on my blog I don't have to use the "labels" feature to search. From the dashboard I can do a search by name. Boy, will that make my life easier! I've spent countless hours trying to locate a butterfly or dragonfly species that I've posted, or to determine if I have posted. Like just yesterday on the Mexican Silverspot for example. I spent an hour yesterday looking through all my posts labeled "butterflies" to see, when all I would have had to do was a search under the name. (So, I hadn't posted it last year like I wondered.) What I could all do if I knew how to maximize my technology! I had been contemplating going through all my butterfly and dragonfly posts to add species labels like I have for my bird posts. (I started blogging before I got into butterflies and odes. It sneaked up on me and I didn't label them by species, just butterflies or odonates.) Now I don't have to do that onerous task.

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